Thank you! 

What an amazing year we have had in Primary 1. A huge thank you to everyone for their beautiful cards, kind words and lovely gifts. It has been an honour to teach your children this year and I will miss them dearly. Have a brilliant summer holiday! Love from Mrs. McCormick xx


It’s Late Notice but…

Primary 1 would love to share their Primary 1 journey with you!  If you would like to join us please come to the classroom at 2.45 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon to see our photo story.



Baillie Cup Stars!

Primary 2R

Last Thursday 26 children from P1-P4 took part in an athletics competition down at Queens Park. I am so proud of each and every one of them for their attitude, determination and team spirit. We came home with lots of medals and Crown as a team came third overall. It really was a great day, competition can be hard for children at this age but everyone stepped up to the mark, did their best and did everyone proud. 

I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful parent helpers. We really couldn’t have done it without you. You are all superstars and myself and Mrs McCormick really appreciated the support. 

Have a look at the little stars in action and if you haven’t already got a copy some of the little stars made it into the Courier this week! 

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Crown’s miles :)


 A whopping Crown total of 1,042 for the past 10 days or so!! Lots of families making a really big push to try to get over the finish line!!

Lee has been very ill, went into hospital, was allowed out, then Jimmy (Shand) broke, Lee had to hitch 200 miles to a bike shop. She is hoping to catch up with Rickie- who was leading the women’s race, to go over the finish together later this week! We must be close to the finish line too…!!

Well done all 🙂

Keep the wheels turning!

great divide

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What a day!

What a super day we had at Belfield Park today! The children had a great time and were so well behaved! A big thank you to our Primary 7 buddies who were super sweet to the Primary 1’s, looked after them, played with them and generally did everything the Primary 1’s wanted them to do!!  Also a huge thank you to our Mum helpers – without parental support these trips are impossible so thank you for giving up your time. Have a wee look at our photos and remember to leave us a comment! 

Can you help?

I am desperately seeking a luminous yellow goalie or cycling glove in a child’s size.  Does anyone have one I could borrow for a child in school? It would be returned by next Friday. 


S McCormick